25 Animals Whose Vivid Emotions Would Even Make Gloomy Gus Smile

3 years ago

A dog wagging its tail can mean that it’s happy, and cats can curl up on your lap and purr to show the same emotion. But some animals’ emotions don’t need any explanation because they’re so humanlike. Whether they feel hyper-joyful after getting a treat or going to a park, or extremely frustrated or judgy, it’s hard to not start thinking that they’re possessed somehow.

Here at Bright Side we truly think that pets have human souls — some of them just can’t hold their emotions inside. And we love it!

1. “My girlfriend’s cat seeing snow for the first time!”

2. “I was just petting him. How did it go so wrong?”

3. Is there such a thing as too much cuddling?

4. “The real murderer is in your house.”

5. “I need to talk to the manager.”

6. “Why did you interrupt my meal, human?”

7. The anguish that comes after losing your bed to the void...

8. “Pet my fluffy bear too, Mom!”

9. “Send me the catnip and the dog lives.”

10. “I demand pets, human.”

11. “They were both sleeping 3 minutes ago.”

12. When Mommy says, “Smile for a picture!”

13. “Muse, watching me cook and hoping for a treat because ONE TIME I dropped some bacon and she’s been chasing that high ever since.”

14. “Okay, keep on eating your snacks, I won’t share my food with you either.”

15. The first time eating from a dish can be a little messy.

16. “My dog is a saint, my cat, not so much...”

17. Tutenkattun

18. “When my dog and cat first met”

19. “I see you have sammich. I also like sammich.”

20. “My rescue, James, is the happiest dog.”

21. “I’m speeeeed!”

22. “What do you mean, no park today?”

23. “Malfunctioning during her 2 AM zoomies”

24. “What do you mean, you’re getting me a dog brother?”

25. “Okay, mister, I smell sausage breath, please explain.”

Do you have pets? We’d be happy to see your pictures in the comment section below!

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they have better expressions than some famous actors 😂


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