17 Heart-Touching Photos That Left Us Speechless

5 years ago

There is a story behind every photo and some photos can tell us so much more than words and can move us more than a convincing story.

Bright Side has collected photos that will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

1. A tattoo to commemorate a lasting friendship

2. A refugee with a child

3. A man with Down Syndrome going to the first job interview of his life

4. “My boyfriend and I got a puppy 2 weeks ago. Today I left him for the first time to start college classes, and my boyfriend sent me this.”

5. A man selling sweets in a city destroyed by war

6. Through thousands of years: a girl and a figure of a Neanderthal in a museum

7. A man saving animals during heavy rain

8. A temple caretaker watching a volcano eruption in Bali

9. An eagle mistook a drone for prey.

10. “French soldier hugging a little girl while evacuating Saint Martin.”

11. An Afgan boy sells boiled eggs

12. Love that is 80 years old

13. Friends who share everything

14. “My father died unexpectedly recently. Before he got cremated, I took a photo of one of his tattoos. I went and got my own version of it in memory of him.”

15. “These kids from daycare saying their last goodbyes before going to different elementary schools.”

16. Legendary athlete Usain Bolt and his fans

17. A really disturbing image of what our planet might look like if we don’t change our methods

Which photo moved you the most? Share your impressions in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit riverpollution


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