17 People Who Reached for the Stars and Proved Anything Is Possible

2 years ago

Despite what we see in the movies, life is not always full of roses and sunshine, and montages don’t exist in real life when things get tough. This doesn’t hold back these talented and hardworking souls, though, who push through everything to achieve their dreams. And they are the inspiration to keep going or start that thing we’ve been putting off!

The Bright Side team would like to take our hats off to these strong people, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve next.

1. “I’m partially-blind/ visually-impaired. This took me ~70 fun hours to paint.”

2. “After 10 years of heartbreaking infertility, my dream has finally come true. Meet Oliver! Born at 31 weeks, and I’m SO in love!!!”

3. “I’m a queer poet and I had my very first book signing!! It was a dream come true!”

4. “I happily beat the odds! High school dropout from a low income home to a NASA engineer and now Ph.D graduate!!!”

5. “I’ve finally crawled out of the hole, buying my first car, working my dream job, and living on my own as a productive member of society.”

6. “Today, at 22, I’m photographing at my 1st wedding after quitting my job to reach for my dreams.”

7. “I made my lifelong dream come true: the first issue of my literary magazine went live yesterday!”

8. “I married my best friend this week...”

9. “Just completed my first hike with my best friend after recently having a bipolar 2 diagnosis.”

“Feels like a great achievement and step in the right direction!”

10. “A pic I took of my husband with all the books he wrote.”

11. “She moved away when we were kids, and kept moving all over the world. 12 years later, I flew across the country to see her.”

12. “After years of perseverance, my wife is finally a published author!”

“We saw her book on the shelves of our local bookstore, and she signed some copies, too!”

13. “My grandma was diagnosed with bone cancer. Today, a family friend offered to take her on a personal plane flight down the coast.”

14. “Graduating with my masters this week and starting my doctorate of veterinary medicine in the fall.”

“I’ve been working on this for 15 years, and I’m so happy to be making my dreams come true.”

15. “After almost 2 years of hard work, my silver play button recently arrived!”

“This photo captures one of the single happiest moments and proudest achievements of my life!”

16. “I’ve been recording music for over 5 years with my band, The Fuss. Yesterday, our song got put onto Spotify’s biggest Indie Playlist with 1 million followers!”

17. “Graduating this Saturday to pursue my dream job: middle school science teacher!”

What life achievement are you most proud of? Who would you like to encourage to not give up? Give them a mention in the comments!

Preview photo credit MamaG2k18 / Reddit


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