15 Companies Who Put Their Customers Ahead of Everything

2 years ago

More brands are realizing the necessity to widen their services and products in order to make them more inclusive. From dolls with Down Syndrome to supermarket trolleys and motorcycles being wheelchair friendly, and more. Besides making daily tasks considerably easier, product inclusivity has a positive emotional impact. It’s a sign that the user is being perceived as an individual whose special needs are considered and valued.

Bright Side believes that the world is a much brighter place when we become more considerate of other people’s needs. These brands gave their customers a warm hug through their special products.

1. ’’Our local shop has a doll with Down Syndrome.’’

2. ’’A motorcycle for wheelchair users.’’

3. ’’My local grocery store has free fruit for kids to eat while they’re shopping with their parents.’’

4. ’’My local Supermarket here in Germany has special shopping carts for people in wheelchairs.’’

5. ’’My new microwave has a mute function for cooking at night without waking people with the beeps.’’

6. ’’Christmas cards for people with two dads or two mothers.’’

7. ’’My local supermarket has a magnifying glass so people with bad eyesight can read the product descriptions.’’

8. ’’My phone charger has braille on it for blind people to know which charger it is.’’

9. ’’My local grocery store has parking reserved for expectant mothers.’’

10. ’’My local Tokyo grocery sells loaves of bread with 4, 5, or 6 slices.’’

“Each has the same total volume per loaf; they only change the thickness of each slice.”

11. ’’This supermarket in Italy has trolleys made for dogs.’’

12. ’’My hotel pool has an entrance ramp for the handicapped.’’

13. ’’My local grocery store has an air conditioned “house” outside for your dog to stay while you shop.’’

14. ’’This mall in Paris has a lockup for your motorcycle helmets.’’

15. ’’This Barbie doll with Vitiligo.’’

Do you have these types of inclusive products where you live? Do you believe that the mass market needs to adjust more to the needs of its consumers?

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