15 Inventions That Made Us Yell, “Shut Up and Take My Money!”

2 years ago

A good invention, in terms of design, must include a combination of creativity and functionality. We know that we’re in the presence of treasure when, in addition to fulfilling its functions, a product has that touch of quirkiness that turns it from ordinary to extraordinary. And just when you think everything has already been invented, wait until you see what we have on this list.

At Bright Side, we took on the task of finding those inventions that you never thought you needed but now might want to have them all.

1. A levitating plant pot

2. A soap opera diva to help you wash your dishes

3. This corgi-shaped mouse pad to rest your wrist on

4. Keep your eggs safe in this “egguin” holder.

5. A monkey butler toilet paper holder

6. A cute sloth back massager

7. A deep sea anglerfish book light

8. “Greenzaurus” drinking dinosaur planters

9. A playful swing table

10. May the force be with your coffee!

11. Take with you this retro mini TV console.

12. Switch your piggy bank out for a personal ATM machine.

13. The official home office desk

14. This toilet bowl lid has a dedicated section for your hand to lift it.

15. This adorable baby Groot cable holder

Which invention amazed you the most and why would you like to have it? Share your thoughts here with us!

Preview photo credit Firebox.com, pelegdesign.com


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