15+ People Who Couldn’t Be Any Luckier

3 years ago

"I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it," said Thomas Jefferson. But the people on this list hardly had to work at all to get their good fortune!

Although we appreciate hard work here at Bright Side, it's nice to know that Lady Luck is out there, striking when we least expect it.

One happy little guy

"I believe this pizza is the best treasure he could have found!"

How loud did you gasp?

Bought a chocolate bar today and hit the jackpot!

"Had my baby about 7 weeks ago and my cats (Lucky & Tom) look like they want to adopt her for themselves."

Lucky parking spot!

Double refreshments, anyone?

Perfect fit

Do you feel lucky?

Time to buy a lottery ticket.

We've never seen anything like that before!

"So my friend rode an ostrich in Africa. It might have been the happiest a person could be."

Health food inception!

Behold, the luckiest charm!

Double egg! Are there double the toys?

When you finally get to leave the vet:

"I better buy a lottery ticket because this is the luckiest day of my life."

"The luckiest moment of my life."

No cleaning for him today!

Which one of these photos made you believe in good luck? Please tell us and feel free to share your own stories and pictures in the comment section.

Preview photo credit Pomadka/pikabu, 44lon5/pikabu


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Man I wish I were as lucky as them... so far I had never had a ultra lucky moment in my life


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