25 People Who Face Challenges Like No One Else

2 years ago

We all have a different way of looking at challenges. Some of us take them as a stepping stone, something to overcome and help us get ahead in life. Others, however, look at them as problems and approach them with mathematical solutions. Either way, coming through to the other end of any difficult situation makes you feel like a definite winner.

Bright Side came across a few Redditors who took on a problem and came up with innovative solutions, enough to make for some radical pictures.

1. “Bugged me for 3 months.”

2. “I just peeled a lemon.”

3. “My wife and I built this igloo over Christmas (and put a fire pit inside).”

4. “My dog eats out of this maze bowl, which slows her down and provides her with a fun challenge.”

5. “Shirts made from plastic bottles”

6. “A swing made from a carbon fiber hydrofoil that was no longer needed”

7. “My Lyft driver made sure I was able to feel the nice cool AC.”

8. “My teacher raises a picture of his own face to make sure no student is lost during the fire drill.”

9. “My girlfriend made a stew inside a pumpkin.”

10. “A dorodango I made: just dirt, water, and time”

11. “These chairs are fixed in place at only one leg.”

12. “Our new washing machine has a program for Lego(s).”

13. “My 11-year-old daughter made the Seinfeld cast out of perler beads for my wife for mother’s day.”

14. When a parking space is tough to find:

15. “Dad put coconut shells on stumps to make it look like mushrooms.”

16. “This college made a water bottle with a map of the campus on it. It also shows places where you can fill it up.”

17. “This sofa set made out of red bricks”

18. “This couch I made out of a bathtub”

19. “This guy’s fence is made from random doors.”

20. “A kid in my Latin class didn’t have a piece of paper, so he wrote his quiz on an orange. The teacher accepted it.”

21. “I made 20.144 lb of chocolate peanut butter balls for family and friends this Christmas.”

22. “My 3-month progression of making homemade pasta”

23. “Someone took the time to fold and stack these shirts to recreate its image.”

24. “My hotel recreated the subject of this still life in front of the painting.”

25. “My sister made a sweater for Spaghetti, I think he loves it.”

What has been the most memorable challenge in your life, and how did you overcome it? Which of these solutions impressed you the most?

Preview photo credit Rancor_Emperor/reddit


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