15+ Pics to Prove That All of Us Can Witness a Small Wonder Every Day

2 years ago

When we were little kids, we used to be mesmerized by every little detail we laid our curious, innocent eyes on. As adults, we often become preoccupied with solving problems and neglect many of the joys life has to offer. Trying to balance our busy lives and juggling all the stress and responsibility can sometimes make it hard to be present, mindful, and grateful for all the little magic moments that happen all around us.

The Bright Side team has compiled 19 pictures to prove magic doesn’t only happen at the circus but is present in every aspect of our day-to-day lives.

1. “This slice of bread showing me love on Valentine’s Day, isn’t it just wonderful?”

2. “The way this snow curled off my chair”

3. “My small tomato plant looks like it belongs in a Tim Burton film.”

4. “This broken screen at the train station looks like a fake image of electronic components.”

5. “A horse with a natural mustache”

6. “This AC cover causes an optical illusion.”

7. “Washing my water bottle”

8. “This apple looks like a massive cherry.”

9. “This morning my stepfather was cutting up a tree that fell down in recent winds and found this heart.”

10. “My daughter sent me this picture of a giant grape.”

11. “What garbanzo beans/chick peas look like in their pods”

12. “This person is using a boat for their property gate.”

13. “My bubble wrap is missing a singular bubble.”

14. “A wrapped townhouse in Budapest”

15. “Turkey footprints look like arrows pointing at me.”

16. “The handles on my dog’s food container kind of look like a dog.”

17. “This map looks like a The Simpsons character.”

18. “My cat looks like it’s yawning but that was his collar.”

19. “This fish at the aquarium looks like someone stepped on his face.”

Which magical picture was your favorite? Do you have any breathtaking pictures you took yourself? Share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Sarcasticallyshallow/Reddit


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