15+ Pics From People Who Live in a Crazy Yet Wonderful World of Parenthood

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2 years ago

At times, kids might make us question our sanity with their absurd thoughts or devilish actions. But with every passing day, our love for our little ones grows no matter how angry they make us. Because once they look at us with those big innocent eyes, we remember that they’re a part of our soul and that they hold the key to our hearts.

Bright Side believes that kids add all these different spices to make our life all the more flavorful. Here are some situations created by children that made us go through all kinds of intense feelings.

1. ’’She was so quiet, we thought she fell asleep. Well, nope.’’

2. ’’Our son showing us the boy trapped in the doorknob’’

3. ’’We let our son design his birthday cake.’’

4. ’’My son wanted to be a blue Christmas light this year.’’

5. ’’This roller coaster photo will haunt my son forever.’’

6. ’’My daughter drew her little brother photobombing her art class self-portrait.’’

7. ’’He wanted hair on his chest for his birthday.’’

8. ’’I asked my 6-year-old to restock the toilet paper.’’

9. ’’My mom had to hide the cucumbers because I kept sneaking to the fridge and eating them.’’

10. ’’Maybe having 9 pacifiers is the key to getting him to sleep?’’

11. ’’He opened his water like this.’’

12. ’’The day he dressed himself’’

13. "While most kids draw dragons and animals, this is what my little cousin draws instead.’’

14. ’’Ripped his quesadilla in half so he could dip it in salsa, and now he wants it back together.’’

15. ’’He wants to throw the ball into the TV so the players can play with it.’’

16. ’’My son is awesome at hide and seek.’’

What is the most absurd thing you’ve done as a kid? Do you believe that patience is the best way to handle a mischievous kid?

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