25 Pics That Prove When It Comes to Kids, You Must Expect the Unexpected

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2 years ago

When the kids get quiet, that’s when the real mischief begins, and all parents are well aware of this. There’s truly nothing a child left to their own devices would not get into. From toddlers getting into their diapers with disastrous results to a child trying to make art using the least likely canvases, parents need eyes in the back of their heads to make sure their children stay out of trouble and remain safe.

Bright Side could not stop laughing at these pictures of children doing the strangest things. These are sure to snap you out of any winter gloom.

1. “My daughter said to me, ’Look, I cut my toenails into castles.’”

2. “My mom made me a pan of brownies and my son carried them. Somehow they ended up with a giant footprint in them.”

3. “My 14-year-old daughter decided to stir the smoothie with a metal spoon. While the blender was still blending.”

4. “Why do I bother giving my toddler snacks when he would rather eat a ball?”

5. “My daughter backed into a light pole and promptly got out of the vehicle and fled the scene. Her very first hit and run.”

6. “My son cornered and tried to pet an injured squirrel. Didn’t go well.”

7. “My daughter trying to hide when she’s supposed to be in bed.”

8. “Found 2 buckets of rocks in my mom’s fridge. My 4-year-old nephew said the rocks needed to harden.”

9. “My son legitimately thought I wouldn’t find him.”

10. “My sister’s history homework: What did medieval nobles eat?”

11. “My nephew wanted a portrait of George Washington. Thank goodness he didn’t want a portrait of Ben Franklin.”

12. “My friend’s 17-year-old daughter drove for 20 minutes on this after it started ’sounding funny’.”

13. “My toddler is giving our toilet paper a bath.”

14. “My nephew’s new hobby”

15. “For Thanksgiving, they asked my son what he was thankful for...”

16. “Was unable to convince my worried son that this was not a mini-beehive filled with mini-bees.”

17. "My girlfriend’s 10-year-old sister’s backpack was heavy. We open it to find it packed with “beautiful cube rocks’.”

18. “My 1-year-old niece tore the keys off my keyboard when I wasn’t home.”

19. “The kids made me breakfast in bed.”

20. “Watching TV with a 2-year-old is so relaxing, said no parent ever!”

21. “The way my brother likes to watch YouTube.”

22. “I know y’all have heard pineapple on pizza. What has my child done?”

23. “This brilliant decision my son made. He really wanted a Minion I guess.”

24. “My son said he was hot and wanted ice cream. This is not what I expected.”

25. “My son, after trying to get back down from washing his hands. Just hanging there, helpless.”

Do you have any pictures of your child, or you as a child, doing weird things? What was your favorite child-related facepalm moment?

Preview photo credit fiteMILK/reddit


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