12 Etiquette Rules That Can Make You Look Like Royalty If You Know Them

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3 years ago

There are many times when we wonder why we do things a certain way, and usually, there’s a very rational reason behind it. For example, Queen Elizabeth is known for always carrying her handbag in her left hand because she wants to keep her right hand free for handshakes. The only time she will change her purse placement is if she wants to let her staff know that she wants to end a conversation.

Bright Side is ready to reveal some of the most essential etiquette rules and manners that will prepare you for any social event.

1. Shield the lemon with your hand or a spoon when squeezing it.

Lemon juice is one of the most painful things that can end up in someone’s eye. This is why you should use either your one hand or a spoon to create a shield around the lemon.

2. Put your napkin on your lap in the shape of a rectangle, not a triangle.

Dinner napkins are usually quite big and this is why the best way to put them on your lap is to fold them in half in the shape of a rectangle. When you’re finished with your meal, don’t fold the napkin back, but instead, leave it on the left side of your plate.

3. Don’t lift your little finger when drinking tea.

When sipping tea, avoid lifting your little finger, even though many people think it’s the appropriate thing to do. Instead, use your index and middle fingers to push the bottom of the cup toward your mouth.

4. Use your left hand when you sneeze or cough, not your right.

5. Wait for the host to take a seat before you start eating.

6. When someone asks for the salt, pass it along with the pepper.

7. If you invite people to a business lunch, it should be your treat.

8. When the bread basket arrives, don’t be the first one to grab a slice.

When you are dining at a restaurant and the bread basket arrives, make sure to offer a slice to the person on your right, then to the person on your left. And after that, you can pick out a slice for yourself.

9. Don’t stir your tea the wrong way. It should not be clockwise, but rather, south to north.

10. You should always keep your handbag on your left arm.

11. Don’t ask for leftovers at the end of a business dinner.

12. Approach your seat at the table from the left side and leave from the right side.

Do you know any other crucial etiquette rules that will prove to everyone that your manners are excellent? Don’t be shy and share your thoughts with us.


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Don’t sneeze into either hand! Yuck!
Where have you been for the last 2+ years? Sneeze into your elbow or a tissue.


The lemon, if there is a fork present, insert the fork into the centre of the lemon, and twist counterclockwise. Reduces splatter and getting your hands wet and smelling of lemon juice.


Most of these rules are a bit weird to be honest, I really wonder why they came up with these in the past


South to north? So you always have to do it in a different direction... sometimes its from left to right but it could be from top to bottom


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