A British Photographer Takes Honest Wedding Photos, and You Might Regret You Didn’t Invite Him to Your Celebration

5 years ago

Ian Weldon says that he is not a wedding photographer, but a person who takes photos of ceremonies without any untruths. You won’t see brides and grooms posing, the fake smiles of relatives, or guests who are all doing the same poses in his photos. Weldon prefers other types of photos: awkward dancing, the preparatory bustle, kids making funny faces, and the newlyweds trying to finally eat something. They all look natural, funny, and a little bit crazy. Today Ian is invited by people from around the world in order to capture one of the happiest days of their life.

We at Bright Side like this alternative take on wedding photography a lot and we tried to choose Ian’s brightest and liveliest works.

Sometimes preparing for the ceremony can be as interesting as the wedding itself.

A wedding always has a wide range of emotions from happiness to a slight sadness.

Ian calls his working method “democratic photography” and says that each person and object is important in every frame.

Instead of the standard group shots, where everyone stands in one row, the photographer takes spontaneous shots and documents everything.

Many moments get lost in the whirlpool of events, but nothing stays unnoticed thanks to Ian.

Kids make photos especially nice and funny.

Of course, brides do too.

Celebrations can be pretty tiring, and some of the guests get really exhausted. Why not capture these emotions too?

That’s the photographer himself. Recently he had an exhibition called ‘I Am Not A Wedding Photographer’ at the Martin Parr Foundation in London. He has also published a book with the same name, published by RRB Photobooks.

Do you like these unusual wedding photos or do you prefer the more classic photo shoots? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit ianjweldon / instagram


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These are amazing, such an alternative way of taking your wedding pictures


I love these. They look realistic and fun, I'm pretty sure families are having a good laugh when they scroll these photos after their weddings


Cool photos, the show the real story and are more precious than all these ordinary the same wedding photos


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