“Looks Harsh,” Demi Moore Wears a Dress Made of Wallpaper to Met Gala and Creates a Stir

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Demi Moore made a striking appearance after a 5-year hiatus at the 2024 Met Gala. The 61-year-old star graced the event in a stunning gown made of wallpaper that took over 11,000 hours to get ready! Additionally, Demi wore 10 carats of never-seen-before jewelry.

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Moore chose a black dress adorned with a pink and white floral pattern and an eye-catching spiked, heart-shaped feature. Her look was completed with sparkling diamond pieces from Cartier. The actress’s hair was styled sleekly, and her makeup was kept subtle, done by Charlotte Tilbury, ensuring all eyes were on her outfit.

In a conversation with Ashley Graham, Moore revealed that her gown was surprisingly light, saying it made her “want to rumba.” The designer, Harris Reed, explained that the gown’s material was actually repurposed wallpaper, inspired by a Cartier necklace Moore wore.

DPRF/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News

Very nice! As nice as the rest of the actresses! I think many of us common folk think the cost of your gown, and all is such a waste!!!!! Here in the USA we still have many homeless and hungry Children. I love all your movies!!!


The dress, featuring 11,000 hours of silk embroidery, represented the concept of Moore blossoming on the red carpet. Reed aimed to complement Moore’s presence with the dress, likening himself to the vines around her. Moore mentioned that the gown’s floral element is called chloris, named after the Greek nymph associated with flora.

Demi’s look gained both praise and criticism. “Wow, best outfit of the night. Truly stunning,” commented one. “She looks harsh after the last plastic surgery,” remarked another.

Demi also recently wow-ed with her youthful look at a high-profile fashion event. See her photos here.

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