16 Times Restaurants Refused to Use Plates for Their Food, and the Results Are Hilarious

2 years ago

There are many people out there who just want their food to be served on plates. It’s not just a matter of convenience, but also a matter of health and safety, since wood and other materials can’t be put in a dishwasher under high temperatures. So restaurants, in an effort to impress and be the first to do something, have ended up making questionable choices that bring on a lot of laughs.

Bright Side found some of the most extravagant yet hilarious plating ideas that not many people approve of.

1. Are you hungry for crepes now?

2. “A dinosaur plate — I dino if I’m mad about it...”

3. Who thought that a sink could be used as a plate?

4. “My school’s cupcake delivery system”

5. “Tacos in cups”

6. At least they’ve styled the dolls’ hair in buns.

7. “Beautifully plated, but not a plate, not even over a plate...”

8. Take your taco from the hanger.

9. Churro from a shoe, anyone?

10. “Multi-flavored pizza served in a tire”

11. Here’s your bottle of fish.

12. Can you take the truck after you’ve finished the chicken?

13. “Mushrooms served on a cactus”

14. “Apple pie and whipped cream in pots”

15. “My breakfast came on a shovel...what’s next?”

16. “Loaded chips served in a mug — I don’t even know how to eat this.”

What is the most outrageous way you’ve been served food, and how inconvenient was it to consume your meal?


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