17 Objects That Only Exist Thanks to a Genius of Design

2 years ago

There are thousands of products that are mass-produced and sold around the world. People buy these items in the usual stores, not caring how many others have the same item in their homes. However, some prefer very specific things, so cool that they wait for each month’s paycheck to go out in search of them.

At <strong>Bright Side, we take a lot of interest in these things that stand out because they don’t look like everything else. That’s why, when we see a series of them, we put together a list to share with everyone.

1. “This holder for my Oreos”

2. “Super Mario pipe mug”

3. “Elevator at my job has buttons you can press with your feet if you have something in your hands.”

4. “This fridge and freezer in drawers at an AirBnB I stayed at”

5. “My kid got some clear Wellington boots, so you can choose the socks to be seen! Couldn’t find adult sizes, darn it.”

6. “Got this for my birthday, it’s mounted on my window and these little guys visit all day long. I think they love it as much as I do!”

7. “Best 6.99 ever spent at Ross. No more batteries rolling around the junk drawer. Battery Daddy.”

8. “My socks have arrived!”

9. “Antique crochet hook box”

10. “I designed and printed a clock for my parents.”

11. “Sunglasses for deserts, they came from the uncle of my grandfather, around 1930-1940”

12. “I 3D printed Loki’s crown for myself, then decided to print one for my cat too.”

13. Bed and great view for kittens

14. Simple and practical, to have a place to put your phone

15. “3D printed Mario plant pots for my son’s room!”

16. Whatever you pull, you turn the other part on.

17. “This tinier than usual bag for my breakfast burrito”

What do you have in your home that no one else has in theirs? Does it have a story?


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I Love Each and Every One Of These, Sorry, Except for the Burrito Bag..don't we have enough of these bags in the world...


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