20+ Times Home Design Didn’t Go Exactly According to Plan

4 years ago

It's easy to get used to the ordinary things we see every day. But sometimes we are faced with mind-blowing fails that make our day and cheer us up.

Bright Side found the most outstanding design mistakes that won't leave you indifferent. Let's laugh together!

1. It only looks good when the water's inside.

2. Works perfectly!

3. When you asked for the salt and your bae is mad at you:

4. This is literally the worst patterned carpeting for stairs.

5. Hang in there!

6. At least there's some wall here...

7. "Let's see that picturesque view from the window."

8. I got a seat for you!

9. The best toilet paper positioning I have ever seen!

10. For royalty only!

11. You had one job.

12. When you're trying to fix a bug in The Sims:

13. A perfectionist's hell

14. It's not a fail. It's a design element.

15. This is exactly where the tree should grow.

16. Is it the actual Chamber of Secrets?

17. Never give up on getting what you want!

18. If you feel useless someday, remember this gate.

19. Let's see how good your limbo skills are.

20. Jedis only!

21. When you come home after drinking a bit more than usual:

You must admit that life would be boring without these kinds of fails. Do you have your own examples of design fails? We'd be glad to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit unknown / reddit


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