21 Times the Universe Glitched and You Had to Look Twice

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Our world is made of patterns and, more or less, we know what to expect. However, everyday things can sometimes break and a glitch happens. You may see a bunch of people wearing the same clothes as you or all the clocks in your apartment can suddenly stop at the same time.

We at Bright Side also notice errors in the world and are sharing 21 pics that prove unexpected things may happen anywhere, anytime.

1. “The glitch in the Matrix this afternoon that caused trees to only be partially rendered.”

2. “I went to the arcades earlier and got a guard of honor from some seagulls.”

3. “My buddy was wearing the same shirt as a woman at the bar. Later on, we found another man wearing it too.”

4. “Clouds are not rendering in.”

5. “2 broken clocks in 2 different kitchens — they stopped at the same time!”

6. “No idea how this happened!”

7. “It looks like the buildings here are only background textures.”

8. “She looks tired after escaping from the Matrix.”

9. The orange has a seam.

10. “Simulated pathways”

11. “A carrot in my garden spawned upside down.”

12. “Why wouldn’t you make the ’A’ the shoe?”

13. “My eyes hurt.”

14. “Ah, yes, I do want to incline north-west.”

15. “A real-world texture glitch”

16. The matrix is real.

17. “My dog and his shadow decided to spend some time apart.”

18. “Enormous moth or clean window?”

19. “I can confirm it’s one dog. When my mother sent me the pic, I gasped.”

20. The crab that looks like a cookie.

21. A floating orb from nowhere

How often do you have the feeling that there’s a glitch in the matrix? When was the last time you had deja vu?


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