15+ People That Saw the Bright Side of Things in the Hardest Times

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Staying positive while going through something isn’t about distancing yourself from hardships. Instead, it’s all about focusing on the good things that you have around you and offering you comfort. That is exactly what so many people do, and they share their experiences with the world to provide some much-needed inspiration.

Bright Side wants to encourage everyone to remember that life has a lot of beautiful moments to share, even during the darkest of times.

1. “I slammed my finger in a door, and the bruising underneath formed into the shape of a heart.”

2. “My dog is sensitive to bright light. On the plus side, she looks amazing in the protective goggles the vet gave her.”

3. “My husband and I planned a fancy sushi date this week, but we’ve had 2 major storms.”

“He told me if we couldn’t go out for sushi, he’d bring the sushi to me.”

4. “3 years after becoming paralyzed from the chest down, I am now able to stand after getting a special frame that allows me to do so.”

5. “The good thing about my first week of being unemployed”

6. “The positive side to breaking your wrist on Christmas? A permanent thumbs up.”

7. “I had a seizure and they discovered that I have a lesion on my brain, so driving is prohibited. Here’s my new ride for when I’m on campus!”

8. “After 10 years of addiction, I finally have a career, a credit score, bought my first car at 30 years old, and have a place to live.”

9. “1.5 years later, 70 pounds lighter — my mental and physical health got better, and here you see me at my worst and my best.”

10. “Severe anxiety has kept me inside for a week, but I managed to get out the house and get some veggies.”

11. “It was very painful when I lost my 14-year-old Maine Coon. Looking at the bright side. See how cute my new edition in my family is looking.”

12. “My uncle, who has Parkinson’s, has made Christmas stockings for everyone in our entire family.”

13. “Asked someone for help cheering up my daughter who gets bullied a lot at school for playing Fortnite. This is the result.”

14. “I live in my van (down by the river) and just finished decorating for Christmas.”

15. “Out of work since September and wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my daughter next week. Then my neighbor knocked.”

16. “The aftermath of teaching first-graders how to paint — I can’t even be annoyed by the mess because it’s so pretty.”

17. “My car broke down and I work 80 miles away. I think my ice cream wants me to stay positive.”

Have you ever managed to stay positive during a very unpleasant time in your life? And if so, what helped you maintain your positivity?

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