20 Hilarious Photoshop Fails From Beginner to Expert

4 years ago

Have you ever tried your hand at the art of Photoshopping? If you have, what were your first results? There are lots of wonderful things you can do with Photoshop, but, at first, all your friends and relatives should be patient with what you're going to do to their photos.

Bright Side found hilarious fails — even from celebrities and professionals. Find the mistakes without reading the headings, and don't miss the bonus at the end!

1. We wish we were that ripped.

2. The softest skin we've ever seen!

3. This is the hero this world deserves!

4. Alicia Vikander's neck in the Tomb Raider poster

5. Is it just us, or does The Babysitter have 2 right hands?

6. Nothing but Photoshop can make your waist slim in a second.

7. These pockets are obviously stretching...and not because of the buttocks.

8. Make your nightmares come true!

9. We're sure it's just a towel.

10. Is that Thing from The Addams Family?

11. How long did it take you to notice what was missing?

12. Something seems to be missing...

13. Check out my new shoes!

14. Ladies and gents, the power of the body!

15. Definitely no Photoshop needed!

16. The party is not over.

17. I bet it's not pixels. It's just too hot there.

18. What a game! So many people came to cheer us on!

19. Get this free shadowless check!

20. Swiggity swooty, I'm coming for that booty.

Did you remember about the bonus? Here it is! Always mind shadows — the dark evils can reveal you mercilessly.

Did you find it all funny, true, or both? If you have never used Photoshop, it's high time to do so! Share your results in the comments. Just use your imagination!


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on #13 it is clear photoshop. if you disagree please explain the white there. like its so obvious


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