Australian Comedian Recreates Celebrity Pics, and People Call Her the “Queen of Comedy” for Her Uproarious Parodies

3 years ago

You can’t always trust what you see, especially on Instagram ...flawless celebrity bodies are on everyone’s feed. Luckily, there are also people who show reality — Celeste Barber, a comedian and actress, started with a funny parody of celebrity photos and the gags quickly turned into a viral body positivity movement. Barber’s posts are undoubtedly hysterical and her 7.6 million followers are proof of this.

Here at Bright Side, we gathered some of Celeste’s new posts, so scroll down, have a laugh, and count how many pics you recognize yourself in.

1. When you’re dating for a month vs When you’re married

2. Square peg. Round hole.

3. If it’s not on, it’s not on.

4. Beauty patrol watching the beach

5. When you want to wear trends, but have a tiny budget.

6. Mind the gap.

7. It costs a lot to look this fun.

8. Almost like Beyoncé!

9. It’s hard being a virtuosa these days.

10. True hiking wasn’t meant to be flawless.

11. “I’m gonna need a bigger float.”

12. Hiding from those online workouts I committed to.

15. “I used to dance, obviously.”

16. Twinning with Jennifer Lopez

How many pics did you recognize yourself in? We’d be happy to see your comments in the section below!


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