20+ Times Our Minds Went to Really Peculiar Places

2 years ago

We can sometimes look out of the window and see a cloud that resembles an animal or a person, or an electric socket may suddenly give us a “smile.” This is called pareidolia, when we can imagine faces on other objects everywhere we look. Surprisingly, our brain reacts in the same way when we see a happy face of a child or an imaginary face on the hood of a car.

Here at Bright Side, we love to discover the games that our brains can play with us. Today, we’ve prepared 22 pics of things that look completely like something else, and we’d love for you to dive into this illusionary world together with us.

1. “The shutter speed made it look like the propeller was melting.”

2. “My girlfriend took a pic that made it look like I was trapped in the concrete.”

3. “This almost made me scream.”

4. “The sunrise with thick fog made downtown LA look like it was on fire.”

5. “This pretty little dragonfly in my garden looks like it’s smiling.”

6. “One of my luckiest moments while doing photography”

7. “A scaleless corn snake with a natural ‘ace of hearts’ head stamp”

8. “Who left their burger in the snow?”

9. “Found a rock that looks like a Brussels sprout.”

10. “Giant bookshelf”

11. “The shadows make these eggs look mushy.”

12. “I took a picture of a fantastic goose, but there was a pigeon right behind it that made it look like it had a unique beak.”

13. “A perfectly aligned cloud tree”

14. “It’s as if all the stars in the universe aligned because, just like them, you’ll never see this cat do this again in your life.”

15. “Walked outside to this surprise! It looks like a rose, just formed by the wind!”

16. “This beet looks like a human heart.”

17. “The way this man was standing made it look like he had no head.”

18. “An accidental reflection made it look like the gorilla took the kid.”

19. “The combination of sun and table made it look like I was wearing fishnet.”

20. “My dog doesn’t have buck teeth. It’s the snow that made it look like he does.”

21. “My bag looks like Jabba the Hutt.”

22. “The beluga plane looks exactly like a beluga.”

If you take a thorough look at the objects that are around you right now, would you be able to see a happy or a sad face in some of them? We’d love for you to send us the pics of your pareidolia in the comments.

Preview photo credit Huddunkachug / Reddit


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