20 People Who Suddenly Saw a Striking Show and Rushed for a Camera

2 years ago

There’s surprising statistics about people finding a treasure. 92.7% of treasures are found using a metal detector. Many people think it’s best to look for some treasures in woods or in water, but turns out, the best chance to find it is to go to some cultivated land where 82.5% of some nice stuff is found. The heroes of today’s article haven’t found any archaeological valuables, but have their own gems pictured in their photos.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found 20 photos that prove you can see something really amusing while doing your everyday things. We’d love for you to take a look at these “diamonds” together with us.

1. “Goldfish ‘wheelchair’ for a fish that had trouble staying upright.”

2. “Coworker took this pic of a bat at our office today.”

3. “My dog thinks he’s a lap dog and crushed my poor colleague.”

4. “My new work partner (left) and me (right).”

5. “Took a pic of my cat. She’s blinking, and her reflection is not.”

6. “On the bus when...Double big toes!”

7. “I found a tree growing through speed limit sign.”

8. “Coworker wore this to staff meeting.”

9. “I found a rock shaped like a heart.”

10. “This is what you see when you turn your porch light on in Arkansas.”

11. “My onion has non-concentric rings and looks like a cabbage.”

12. “My new shoes apparently show dirt on the sole in a foot-bone pattern.”

13. “This carrot baby won’t let go of its momma.”

14. “So I cut my watermelon today”

15. “The pattern on this blanket doesn’t show up on an infrared camera.”

16. “My light bulb burnt out in an interesting way.”

17. “At the Muse concert last night when suddenly...”

18. “Was cooking pasta when saw a cookie monster.”

19. “Seriously, the most realistic looking banana car I’ve ever seen.”

20. “I left my artichoke out of the fridge and it bloomed.”

What is the pic that you found especially amusing? Which of the pics in your family album make you feel thousands of emotions?

Preview photo credit Unknown author / Reddit


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