25 Animals That Are So in Love With Things, They Can’t Hold It Any Longer

5 years ago

All living creatures are meant to love. This is what nature made us like, and it’s what drives us and makes us the best versions of ourselves. And we really are full of love and tend to express it in many different ways and situations because it’s an inherent part of us.

Bright Side came up with a collection of pictures showing the pure adoration of animals for their favorite things, proving that love is literally everywhere.

1. This seal got a “mini-me” stuffed version of himself and couldn’t stop hugging it.

2. This baby kangaroo fell in love with a teddy bear.

3. Blanket love

4. Izzie the dog and her little bestie

5. Sometimes all you need to be happy is a little IKEA mouse.

6. Pillows are sleeping cuties’ best friends.

7. They won’t separate even when asleep.

8. “I am his and he is mine.”

9. “This is Mitsi whose favorite toy is a mallet.”

10. This picture is about nothing but love!

11. Baby giraffe just needs a little hug.

12. “I don’t know why, but my cat loves my quadcopter, he fell asleep with it tonight...”

13. “I think he’s in love with the heater.”

14. Besties are meant to steal our hearts.

15. Heartwarming friendship at first sight

16. Keeping warm in its favorite spot

17. “The caring way he holds it is the sweetest.”

18. “This is the only toy he doesn’t rip to shreds.”

19. A cozy blanket to keep them warm inside and out

20. Besties for life!

21. True love

22. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things.

23. Cuteness overload

24. “My dog’s best friend is a brick.”

25. An otter and his stuffed “mini-me” that totally won his heart — and together, they won ours.

BONUS: This dog stands in front of the dryer the whole cycle to make sure his favorite teddy bear is okay.

Which of these cuddly pairs won your heart? Does your pet have a forever-favorite item? Let the world know in the comments.


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