15 Times This High School Took Photo IDs to Another Level

2 years ago

At least once in our lives, we have all wanted to take a funny picture for our identity documents. Unfortunately, this is usually considered inappropriate, and we have to look at the very similar and very boring pictures on our photo IDs.

North Farmington High School in Michigan decided to start a new trend and allowed its students to wear costumes of famous politicians, film and cartoon characters, and celebrities for their identity cards.

We at Bright Side gathered the most amazing photos taken of the high school seniors for their IDs.

15. The biggest cotton candy fan at school!

14. He’s at school alone.

13. Where’s my Black Pearl?

12. All you need is a little hair spray.

11. Do you wanna see some magic?

10. It’s all about boys...

9. Now we just need to find Jasmine.

8. When you are not allowed to use magic but you still have an umbrella:

7. The best friends ever!

6. Keep the Christmas spirit all year long.

5. McLovin, just McLovin.

4. “So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday at my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?”

3. An incredible senior year!

2. Are you ready to go back to the future?

1. When you are really happy to have a twin brother:

Which of the costumes would you like to wear for your photo ID? Share your ideas in the comments!

Preview photo credit abbycoleman87 / Twitter


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