15+ Photos That Perfectly Illustrate the Concept of “What Happens If”

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Of course, no one leaves food in the fridge to see how mold grows on it or pours sulfuric acid on a towel deliberately. But if this has already happened, you can post a photo of the event online for others to see what can happen in real life. We found photos from Internet users that show “what happens if.”

“This is what happens when mercury goes on a gold ring.”

bugikan / Pikabu

“My grandmother kept her gold ring in a box with a mercury thermometer. It fell, and mercury went on the ring. We were lucky to remove the mercury quickly, so the ring was saved.”

“I didn’t realize that there was a hole in my pillow before I sent it into my dryer.”

“Rats ate their way into our work fridge over the weekend.”

This is what happens if the outer glass layer of the oven explodes.

Sulfuric acid got on a towel.

“I left salty water in the mug and forgot about it for a month, so salt crystals formed inside.”

“I accidentally put a box of matches through the wash, now it’s a box of sticks.”

This is what a swollen battery looks like.

“This abandoned shoe I found deep in the forest”

“Water dripping from the roof made frozen ripples.”

“My mom found out that a thermometer isn’t oven-safe.”

The way the condensation settled on this spiderweb

A rusted satellite dish

“I accidentally washed a salt and pepper packet in the laundry.”

“My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes”

Sprouts growing from a discarded corn cob

“I bought this cookie sheet last night. In the parking lot, it slid out of my shopping cart and immediately got run over by a Jeep.”

“I turned off the power for a week while traveling but forgot about the food in the fridge. Came back to this.”

Have you ever experienced something really unusual?

Preview photo credit bugikan / Pikabu


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