15 People Whose Own Body Will Never Get Tired of Surprising Them

2 years ago

Sometimes we forget how remarkable our bodies are. For example, our body produces 3.8 million new cells every second. This means that it needs just 1.5 minutes to produce more cells than the current population of the United States. However, some people’s bodies have even more to surprise us, whether it is a rare condition that allows a person to draw on their skin, an unusual arm shape, or patterns that suddenly appear on their body.

We at Bright Side found 15 people whose body keeps surprising them over and over again, and we want to share their stories with our readers.

1. “My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes”

2. “My little brother”

3. “My boss has 2 pinkies conjoined into one.”

4. “Been seeing a lot of 4 finger havers, here’s me! I was born with 3 of them.”

5. “Only a certain patch of my hair went grey.”

6. “My hair before and after chemotherapy. From straight and sticking up to extremely soft and kind of curly!”

7. “I have a condition called vitiligo, so I tan cow print.”

8. “I have a triangle on my shoulder. No idea where it’s from.”

9. “Trapped my finger and it healed into a love heart.”

10. “I was born with 6 toes on my left foot and my co-worker was born with 4 toes on her right foot.”

11. “I was born with very short fingers.”

12. “I have dermatographia and can write on my skin.”

13. “I have a rare disorder called multiple hereditary exostosis which causes bone growths on various body parts.”

“Normally these aren’t very noticeable, but the one on my forearm grew on my growth plate, causing the bone to grow in the opposite direction.”

14. “My kid is a shark (2 adult teeth growing behind primary teeth).”

15. “People liked the elf earrings. This is what my ears look like.”

Have you ever witnessed an extraordinary body feature that‘s worth being proud of?

Preview photo credit Kwilos / Reddit, 00000100 / Imgur


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