20+ Photos That Are Funnier Than a Joke

2 years ago

Laugh, and the world laughs with you, they say. And many people find all those linguistic mouth-to-mouth ’’duels’’ the best way to make each other beam and giggle a lot when, sometimes, a single picture can say it all.

And Bright Side has found some of these beauties that will give you a 1,000-watt smile.

1. “My dog and cat’s relationship”

2. “This is my life now. Couldn’t be happier, in fact.”

3. “Give it a rest, Gerald.”

4. “The rare blep/loaf combination caught on camera”

5. “We told our 3-year-old she couldn’t get her toys out of jail so she climbed inside to play with them.”

6. “Dad, I’ve made a delicious mistake.”

7. “How she responds when asked why she’s laying on the coffee table”

8. “I caught Penelope mid-yawn and the result was epic.”

9. “No one is looking. Throw the turkey. Throw the turkey!”

10. “My girlfriend’s cat is not a fan of coffee.”

11. “Good morning, hooman, I’ve been waiting for you.”

12. “I still can’t see a thing!”

13. “Thou shall not pass!”

14. “She plopped on the air mattress this morning, totally forgetting she popped a hole in it last night.”

15. “My dog slipping on wet rocks”

16. Epic battle

17. “Selfie time”

18. “Ever get that feeling you’re being watched?”

19. “My mom’s cat stares at her like this until she pets him.”

20. “Looks like the Razor Crest got a new look.”

21. Perspective decides everything.

Have you seen any fancy pictures with a truly amazing story or message behind it? Have you been lucky enough to capture something like that on your cell phone?

Preview photo credit Kif_the_mad_yiffer / reddit


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