15 Wedding Pics That’ll Show You How to Make Your Day Even More Special

2 years ago

When we call a wedding “the most important day of one’s life,” we’re kinda putting immense stress and responsibility on newlyweds. So it’s no wonder that some of them want to unwind and, luckily, sometimes weddings take an unexpected turn. Animals photobombing the ceremony, the airline losing the groom’s suit, or a guest’s kid vibing make for the perfect wedding shots and memories.

Bright Side collected photos that could improve both any wedding and your mood right now.

1. “Got married one year ago today. We tried not to let little problems ruin our day.”

2. “So we got married at the zoo, and this bear had an interesting first look reaction.”

3. “My brother’s wedding, I think the photobomb went well.”

4. “If you want to wind up in the same country as your wedding outfits, don’t fly Delta Airlines.”

5. “After being divorced for 25+ years, my parents are getting married again. This is their wedding portrait.”

6. “We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once, so we invited all the women coming to our wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again!”

7. “We attended a ‘Zoom Wedding’ yesterday, and dressed accordingly.”

8. “I was recently the flower MAN in a wedding.”

9. “Our wedding’s burros wanted to be a part of the picture.”

10. “My wife’s beating my groomsmen at Smash Bros about 5-10 minutes before our wedding ceremony.”

11. “My mom had a kangaroo growing up, and it was the ring bearer at her wedding.”

12. “A friend got married and his best man snuck into the first look.”

13. “5 years ago, I promised my sister I would bring a llama to her wedding.”

14. “I was walked down the aisle by both my dads (biological and step).”

15. “In this photo, I’m whispering that I ripped my pants at our wedding.”

What is your favorite wedding photo — either yours or someone else’s? Why do you love them? Share your pics and stories with us!

Preview photo credit DrPoepoat / reddit


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