17 People Who Beat the System With Their Humor

2 years ago

Even though we cannot control most of the situations that life puts us in, we can certainly choose our attitude toward them. And while some people face trouble with anger or worry, others decide to handle it with humor and wit. Because, after all, annoying situations always find a way to disappear and a smart mind understands that a big laugh is the best and quickest way to fight off negativity.

Bright Side believes that humor is the strongest and sharpest thing we have. We’ll share some situations that were handled in the smoothest and most hilarious ways.

1. ’’Now I can finally see how I’ll look in these clothes.’’

2. ’’My wife asked me to censor his face on social media.’’

3. ’’I work in an office where professional attire is required. Little do they know.’’

4. ’’So I asked my son to help me lose weight. This is the pancake he made me for breakfast.’’

5. ’’They gave me a desk with my back to the door. Bean cam to the rescue.’’

6. ’’How I’m turning in my 2 weeks’ notice tomorrow morning.’’

7. ’’I’m making my groomsmen wear socks with my face on them for my wedding.’’

8. ’’My little siblings wanted an easier way to get through the gate. My dad’s solution:’’

9. ’’My grandma asked for nothing at a restaurant.’’

10. ’’I hope I don’t get in too much trouble for this.’’

11. ’’The person who made this bag knows me too well.’’

12. ’’My dad’s solution to not having the correct balloons for his sister’s 40th birthday.’’

13. ’’I’m on vacation and asked my neighbor to go check on our cat. He checked on more than that.’’

14. ’’I asked for a car full of money for my birthday, and my grandmother delivered.’’

15. ’’I noticed an odd sign at work and decided to do what it takes to break all the rules.’’

16. ’’How my friend’s 6 year old son solves problems.’’

17. ’’My mom asked me for a “formal picture” of my one month old baby, I sent her this one.’’

Do you believe that we can laugh off any situation? How do you handle awkward moments?

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