17 Siblings Who Know a Thing or 2 About Humor

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2 years ago

One day our siblings can be our best friends, and the next, our nemesis. However, throughout this roller-coaster of a relationship, there are sure to be laughs and giggles. From wacky pranks to laugh-out-loud fails, these siblings have caught moments of pure comedy, reminding us why we love our family so much.

At Bright Side, we are celebrating the special relationship of siblings and all of the antics that accompany it.

1. “My 5-year-old sister made a passport for our cat!”

2. “My brother’s attempt at making a cake for my mom”

3. “My brother’s gift to me”

  • The note says: “I couldn’t afford anything so I got you this box.”

4. “My sister’s attempt at a homemade caterpillar cake looks like it’s begging for you to kill it.”

5. “Gee, do my sister and I look alike?”

6. “My brother is cat sitting and I asked for update pictures. This is what he sent.”

7. “My brother ’salted’ the driveway”

8. “My little brother put a stamp and address on a mini chocolate bar, and it actually arrived.”

9. “Got my sister this useless thing for Christmas. :)”

10. “My 30-year-old brother (fully cognitive) made this for my mom this Mother’s Day.”

11. “No candy for her brother...I found this the day after Halloween.”

12. “$100 in singles, individually wrapped for my brother”

13. “My brother collects ’action figures.’ I’m going to surprise him for Christmas with this work of art.”

14. “My sister’s prank for my birthday”

15. “The way my sister marks the hard boiled eggs”

16. “2 of my brothers had their birthdays this week, and we put the name George on both of their cakes.”

“I have 3 brothers, none of them are named George.”

17. “Last year, my daughter got my son a picture of herself. This year she got him a picture of herself holding the picture from last year.”

What is the most outrageous thing your sibling has done? Which one of you is known to be the most mischievous?

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we had a velvet painting of a tiger when I was 14, my sister decided to tell me that the spirit of Danny Bonaduce lived in the painting and was watching us, I was terrified of that painting for years after...until I i was watching tv and the e tru hollywood story of the Partride family came on. hahaha


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