15 People Who Know How Not to Get Bored at Work

2 years ago

Many people believe that playing jokes should be left at school, while others love this activity and don’t miss an opportunity to entertain themselves and others. Of course, both sides are right to some extent. But we admit that the people in the second group have more smiles.

The characters of this Bright Side article are true pranksters and even manage to play jokes at work.

1. “My co-worker changed our intern’s background to the Blue Screen of Death.”

“Many unnecessary reboots took place before he figured out the ’problem.’”

2. “My friend who is a gardener sends me photos of himself at work.”

3. “Someone left tampons inside my work’s break room fridge.”

  • That’s a new one. I had a coworker once that would put magazines in the fridge. She said she liked feeling the cold paper while reading them on breaks. © Disneyhorse / Reddit

4. “On my last night working in a store, I switched out 70 stock photos with a selfie of me at work.”

5. “My boss gets back from vacation tomorrow. So we updated her office decor.”

6. “I came to the office kitchen to have some coffee and saw this.”

7. “A co-worker left her eyelashes in the bathroom.”

8. Always try to put a smile on your co-worker’s face...

9. “Someone brought this to the office potluck.”

10. “Every year, my co-worker and I troll each other. This year, I printed wallet-sized family photos for the whole team.”

11. “Someone at work put a banana in a vase...I added some details.”

12. “While I was away from my desk, one of my co-workers scrambled my cubes.”

  • I did that to a coworker once and he just laughed and finished it again in just a minute then handed it back to me. © IEEE80211 / Reddit

13. Employee of the year

14. “My brother is a carpenter and leaves small Easter eggs when he’s working.”

15. “Never tell your co-workers who your favorite actor is.”

Are there pranksters among your co-workers? Or are you the one who likes to play jokes on others?

Preview photo credit Foxkiwi / Reddit


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