16 People Who Are So Creative We Are Jealous of Their Brains

9 months ago

Some people manage to come up with incredible inventions. It’s because they see the world in a different way. While it may be hard to understand the exact intent behind their creations, there’s no denying the joy and whimsy that they bring to our lives. These 16 creative minds are sure to inspire your imagination and leave you in awe.

1. “Durian purse with a green onion strap”

2. “Cowboy leg side tables”

3. “This mailbox I saw while doing deliveries”

4. “Lots of storage...”

5. “Visiting the international furniture fair in Cologne was definitely worth it!”

6. “Fur bike”

7. “Dad’s 87 and had to come help, and I find this and not him.”

8. “Saw this on my way to lunch.”

9. “These $180 denim boots.”

10. “The shoeletto”

11. “This mailbox”

12. “Searched ’upsetting nails’ and got inspired.”

13. “Using it for its original intended purpose will get you 7 years of bad luck, I’m afraid. It might also blind you or your opponent.”

14. “This moss car”

15. “Found in a German thrift shop”

16. “Mom sent me this photo of my stepfather’s entry into an ugly sweater competition.”

The world is full of people who can use their creativity to make wonderful pieces of art. Some can even let their imagination run wild while doing normal everyday things, whether it’s baking a cake in the shape of an animal or transforming themselves with makeup.


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