20 Facts About Japan That Can Involuntarily Shock an Unprepared Person

5 months ago

In the 21st century, many travelers don’t want to just lie on the beach but they also want to learn the culture of the country and its people. You can always expect to make interesting discoveries, especially if it is in an authentic place like Japan.

In a Japanese beauty salon, they cover your face with a napkin when washing your hair in order to not spoil your makeup and to let you relax.

You can’t show your tattoo in many public places. Before going to the gym, you have to cover it with a patch.

“This thing can be found in all the elevators at my hotel in Japan.”

Ordinary swimwear in Japan is considered too revealing. Japanese women love closed models: with skirts, in the form of a sundress or T-shirt with shorts.

Subways in Japan have “Women Only” cars.

“The way the movers arranged my boots to keep my floor clean.”

Japanese women carefully take care of their faces from a young age, especially the gentle skin around eyes. They never rub it, but dab it gently.

“The gum I bought in Japan comes with a stack of paper for easy disposal.”

This pizza box in Japan has a handle in the middle to keep the pizza flat.

In Tokyo, housing is more tightly packed than almost any other metropolis. So they build skinny houses which are narrow and tall.

Hospital food in Japan

Japanese white strawberries that smell like strawberries but taste like a mild strawberry without any acid.

Dogs are really loved and spoiled there. They are often nicely dressed and walked in a stroller like a baby.

In Japan, you can tie the sticker on a Coke bottle in a bow by pulling a tab.

Anti-theft system for bags

The sweat of the majority of Japanese people doesn’t smell bad. Therefore they use spray deodorants that control the amount of sweat, but not the smell.

The public toilets have transparent walls. But they become matte when someone is inside.

The majority of Japanese restaurants have realistic plastic menu displays.

Some construction worker’s jackets have air conditioning.

There is a device in the library that sterilizes your books for 30 seconds.

In Japan, you can see much more: vending machines selling cabbage, brown bread with bamboo charcoal and taxis with lace seat covers. You can also attend a romantic party to get to know the cats. And if not personally, then with the help of our articles — for sure!


There are indeed "women only" train and subway cars, but most of the time there are also men in those cars, because the rest of the train is jam-packed.
The vast majority of Japanese public toilets are VERY private. There is often no space between the door and the floor. You know a stall is occupied when you see a red mark on the outside part of the door that appears when the user locks the door. One exception is public toilets in parks, where sometimes urinals can be viewed from the outside.

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