19 Objects That Are So Bizarre They Should Come With Their Own Instructions

8 months ago

Visiting our grandparents was synonymous with playing with all those strange gadgets they had around, especially when we were little. Their homes are crammed with relics, and each object raises many doubts. The following people found things older than their grandparents, but they couldn’t figure out what they were used for, so they turned to the internet for help.

1. “My grandma collects antiques and other odds and ends. It looks like a soapstone. Maybe a cutting board?”

Reply: It is a foot warmer. It is heated and placed on the sheets at the foot of the bed.

2. “Metal cuboid with holes in it found in a box with random stuff from my grandma.”

Reply: It is a modular clamping system for a wide variety of industries. It is used to assemble measuring devices, control devices, gauges, a base for cubing, and much more. It fulfills many functions, whether for tactile or optical measurement.

3. “Found in my grandma’s kitchen, no markings or branding. When pushed down, the plastic piece goes through the small metal triangle.”

Reply: It’s a staple remover.

4. “Some sort of beauty tool in my grandma’s bathroom. There is a grip on the length of it, and the tip is rubbery.”

Reply: It’s a gum stimulator — a dental device you use to keep your gums healthy.

5. “Heavy, silver object with a small button on top. It does not spray anything. Found at grandma’s house”

Reply: Perfume dispenser, I think. Boop the button on the needed location, and perfume comes out.

6. “Vintage metal thing that flicks. Found it in my 90-year-old grandma’s jewelry box.”

Reply: It’s a little noisemaker/toy, I used to have one that looked like a ladybug! Just a clicker toy to annoy the adults!

7. “Found this tool in my grandma’s basement”

Reply: Looks like it was used when milking cows.

8. “Wooden block with pattern and handle”

Reply: It is a stamp.

9. “Wooden thing with some wire on top”

Reply: It looks like a tool for molding clay.

10. “Anyone knows what this is? Gold ring with thin plastic”

Reply: Looks like the membrane from a kazoo (instrument).

11. “Glass tube screws out of the top. It has one tiny red bead in it.”

Reply: It is a bottle of perfume.

12. “What is this blue, rubber-textured, long stick with a handle?”

Reply: Looks like a bottle brush.

13. “Very old crystal glass dish with curled edges. What is it?”

Reply: It may be a card tray.

14. “Found these in my grandma’s old jewelry box. They’re pretty solid and somewhat heavy.”

Reply: These are for punching holes in leather, specifically for adding holes to belts or shoe straps.

15. “Golf club in size. Metal spike on the bottom, three slits in the scoop part, relatively lightweight. No clue what it is for.”

Reply: It is a device used to search for snails among the stones.

16. “Anybody knows what this is for?”

Reply: It’s a very old-fashioned straining spoon.

17. “Small plastic pouch with red gel and a metal disc inside”

Reply: Hand warmer. You can “click” the metal piece, and it will start a chemical reaction and heat the pad.

18. “Shiny, pencil-size tool/clip that has ends that unscrew, with a chain on one side and a wire loop on the other. Found in a desk drawer at my parent’s house.”

Reply: This is a button aid and zipper puller. Helps you dress yourself.

19. “Tool with a sharp end and a piece of metal that slides up and down the shaft attached to a piece of string”

Reply: This is a can opener. The pointy part is pushed through the center of the can, which is then used as a fulcrum to push the cutting blade through the top. Finally, it’s spun around the center hole to finish opening the can.

Preview photo credit magicpup / Reddit


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