21 Real Stories From Families Anyone Would Like to Live in at Least for a Day

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10 months ago

Sometimes such crazy stories happen to people that they want to tell them to their grandchildren when they get old. It’s very good when such stories happen with people from friendly families.

Bright Side has collected a few real stories for you that are about people’s friends and family. Maybe some of them are not super-entertaining, but all of them are sincere and full of family warmth.

  • My grandmother called me yesterday and complained that my grandfather had left a long time ago and still wasn’t home. She asked me to go looking for him. I said, “Alright, alright, I will” while looking at my grandfather who was at my place making a portrait for my grandma. Their anniversary was next Thursday.

“My 84-year-old grandmother apologized for having to wear her nightgown in front of us. I said it was no problem and that it actually looked very comfortable, so she immediately offered one to me. It’s not like I could have rejected this generous gift...”

  • I have a 14-year old daughter. She is dating a boy who is 14, too. He is very well-mannered, a nice guy. Every Sunday, he comes to our place... and my daughter and he spend the entire day in her room. I don’t want to disturb them, but one Sunday I thought: “We live in the 21st century. Kids are growing faster nowadays. What if they are making their own kids there?!” So I ran to her room, I opened up the door, the lamp was dimmed, I heard them talking. I come into the room looking like “I got you,” and you know what I see? My daughter is sitting in the armchair knitting a scarf and the boy is lying on the couch and reading out loud. The only thing I could say was: “Would you like some tea?..”
  • I went to the store to get some winter boots for myself. Right next to me there was a father with a small son trying on shoes.

Dad: “You like these ones, right? Are they comfortable enough?”

Son: “Yeah, they are awesome”.

Father, helping to put on the second shoe: “The price seems right, we’ll take these”.

Son, shocked: “What? That’s it? Is this the last store we need to visit? Daaad, can I please go shopping only with you from now on?”

  • I worked as a courier in an online store. It’s a good job, there are many clients, but it’s not the point here.

My daughter had a lesson in the kindergarten, where every kid was asked what their parents did for a living. And my daughter answered happily: “My father gives people some bags. People are happy to get the bags and they pay him for that.

P.S. The teachers from the kindergarten decided to find out what these “bags of happiness” were that I sold.

"I might need to have a talk with my daughter, but I'm not sure what I'd even say."

  • This year, schools made wearing uniforms obligatory, and girls needed to wear a black dress with an apron. My parents and I were having a vacation when it happened, and when we returned, all the dresses were already bought. So, now I’m wearing a uniform from a sex-shop.
  • When my wife was pregnant, she woke me up once in the middle of the night to take her to smell rails. I had to do it.
  • My daughter (4 years and 9 months old)

— Mom, let’s get many small fish!

— Mary, we have two cats! They will catch all the fish and eat them right away!

— Oh, alright... Let’s get some birds, then!

— Our cats can eat birds, too.

— Okay... Let’s get a goose, at least! They can’t eat it! We can eat it ourselves.

  • My son is 4 years old. He didn’t speak and used only gestures to communicate with us. Doctors didn’t know the reason because all the tests they conducted showed that he was perfectly fine. Anyway, he started talking later, and his first words were: “GET OFF”.

  • My father stole a bar of soap from the toilet in my college saying: “This place has to be useful at least in this way.”

"Okay, so my dad just bought a selfie stick and this is the first thing he sends me."

  • I don’t know if you know, but after a woman gets pregnant, she needs to be checked not only by her gynecologist but also by other specialists. So, after I completed this task, I took a look at all the conclusions from other doctors. My husband and I were having dinner with my parents and he asked me about my results:

— So, are you alright?

— The eye doctor said that I have a lazy eye, and the otolaryngologist concluded that my nose is crooked. And of course, I have scoliosis.

My husband, shocked:

— Why didn’t you tell me before the wedding?

My mum reacted:

— When she was living with us, she was okay. I guess, it happened after the wedding.

  • My wife got sick. She had a very bad fever, so bad, in fact, that she could barely speak. My four-year-old daughter hadn’t seen her parents sick before. So, she tried to get her mother up and failed.

She comes up to me and says:

— Daddy, I’ve found out that she is not pretending. It’s time to get a new mom.

I told her the sad news that we would have to continue living with the current mom. We just need to fix her up a little.

“Ordered a custom family photo ornament. Received one with a random Asian family and photoshopped-added penguins. Not even mad.”

  • My mother is very strict. In my childhood, I used to go to the kindergarten. I remember it was Monday and I didn’t want to go there. She told me that if I would go there for just 5 days, she would give me 2 ENTIRE DAYS OFF. I was happy that I got a good deal and went to the kindergarten.
  • My daughter is four years old. I was picking her up from the kindergarten.

— Daddy, we played princesses today. I was Elsa.

I wanted to make a joke:

— Is that the one with red hair and her mother is a bear?

— NO!

— The one who lived with a monster in a castle?

— NO!

She put her hands on her hips and said angrily:

— That’s it, dad! When we come home today, we are going to learn all about princesses!

  • My father raised me like a real man! I can fix the washing machine, I can put something on the wall, I can repair a car. I have my own toolbox. I help the weak and the needy. The only problem is that my husband doesn’t like it... After all, I’m also a mother and a wife.
  • My husband talks in his sleep from time to time. When I ask him something, he usually talks nonsense. So, I thought it would be great to have some fun. I asked some questions like “Honey, do you love me?” and I received “Yes, I love you”.

So, next time, we had this conversation:

— John, who do you love?

— Plastic.

— What plastic?

— Extruded polystyrene.

P. S. This is what happens to someone who has been doing refurbishments for far too long.

  • I saw a fake mustache in my sister’s car. She said calmly that she puts it on when driving sometimes. God, I have such a boring life!

“My pregnant belly helped me this Halloween. I present to you: Nacho Libre Maternity Wear.”

  • My fiance (now my husband) on our wedding day wrote this on a sky lantern: “Take her away. It’s the first time I’ve seen her”.
  • I am not a squeamish person. Sometimes, when I would drop something on the floor, I’d just blow on it, and I’d put it in my mouth. When I had kids, I learned to control myself, but I remember one time when we were sitting in the kitchen and eating a pie. My daughter drops a piece on the floor and my wife wants to pick it up. But my daughter shouts: “Mom, don’t touch it! It’s Dad’s piece now!”
  • We wanted to have a second child, and instead, we had twins. It was very hard with them. They used to scream all day, and especially at nights. Look, it was EXTREMELY difficult. So, one night we managed to put them to sleep. My husband went to the bathroom and I felt thirsty. I was sitting quietly in the kitchen. He walks out of the bathroom and doesn’t see me with the kids. He checks the other room — I’m not there. He comes to the kitchen and doesn’t see me in the dark, goes back to the bathroom, and I’m not there either. He started running around the apartment, and finally, he rushes into the kitchen, turns the light on and says: "I thought you ran away! I was really scared. But, honestly, I had no idea...

“One benefit of being a little person is you can drive your daughter around in her Barbie Jeep when she’s had too much to drink...”

  • I’m on a maternity leave and my husband is working constantly. He wakes up very early, and when he comes back, he is usually exhausted. Normally, we wake up together and I make breakfast. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t see my husband. I looked at the clock — it was 10 AM already. I was mad at myself that I overslept and didn’t cook for him. I come into the kitchen: the dishes are done, everything is tidy, the table is clean. A bouquet of flowers is on the table with my favorite biscuits and a little note: “Your job being a mother is way more important than mine. Love you”. I almost cried.
  • In my childhood, my father always picked me up from kindergarten. But I will never forget the day when a man I didn’t know came for me, and the teacher said he was my dad. But it wasn’t him! I cried and begged them not to let him take me. I cried until he took me to my mother’s apartment. I couldn’t recognize my dad without the mustache and the beard for a long time...

Of course, all families are unique, and we are sure that every family has their own moving memories about some cute or funny situations. If you also have some family stories you would like to share we will be very happy to read them in the comment section below!


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