20 Pics That Prove Having a Sister Guarantees Love and Fun for a Lifetime

Having a sister is having a life partner with whom you can spend hours laughing as well as fighting. But blood is thicker than water, and between jokes and nice gestures, differences can be resolved quickly. On social networks, users echoed this and shared moments in which their sisters surprised them with their witticisms or something that made their day.

At Bright Side, we collected some of their anecdotes, which made us realize that having a sister can be an unexpected adventure every day.

1. “My sister and niece delivering support while I get chemo”

2. “Worked for 7 years to be like Cap. For Christmas this year, my sister literally got me to become him.”

3. “My sister was really interested in fashion in the mid-2000s. Our mom and grandma maybe encouraged her too much.”

4. “My sister used to tell me I looked like John Lennon, and I’m beginning to see why.”

5. “My sister is babysitting my dog while I recover from surgery, and this is the picture I get.”

6. “My sisters and I dressed up as the Powerpuff Girls.”

7. “My sister made a cake and spelled congratulations wrong.”

“Cue a lifetime of ’congrations’ jokes and her birthday cake this year!”

8. “My girlfriend wanted to take a cute picture, my sister photobombed. I can’t stop laughing!”

9. “My sister broke her finger fixing her fence, but she’s always in good spirits. Meet Larry.”

10. “My sister decided to strike early this year in our war of goofy Christmas presents.”

11. “My mom and sister each donated one of their kidneys to me. I have the best and most loving family.”

“A big thank you to my mom for donating her kidney to me in 1992 when I was 2, and to my sister for donating hers to me in 2007.”

12. “My sister’s way of getting us to eat more bananas”

13. “Here’s my dad, taking a photo of my sisters and me, circa 2000. Doctors call us ’a pair and a spare.’”

14. “Hiked with my sister in Sedona the other week.”

15. “When I was 10, all I wanted was to be Jessie from Team Rocket. I forced my poor sister to be Meowth.”

“That’s a pair of pants on my head. It was not even close to Halloween. We went out in public like this.”

16. “My sister and me, looking like 60-year-old church ladies, circa 2002-ish”

17. “My sister and me, asleep on a car ride home (sometime in the mid-’90s)”

18. “I told my sister I have trouble remembering to take my pills, so she did this.”

19. “My sister promised to water my garden while I was away for 3 weeks.”

“The first photo is just before I left, the second photo is what I returned home to.”

20. “Today’s my birthday, so I asked for a cheese board. Pretty sure my sister nailed it.”

What do you like the most about having a sister? What’s the moment with her that you remember the most?

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