20 Pets Who Know Exactly How to Soften Any Stone-Hearted People

2 years ago

After a long day at work, not many things are better than coming home and finding your pet waiting for you. The happiness and joy they bring to your daily life are truly irreplaceable, but what’s even better is when they’re acting goofy. Those are the times when we have to immediately take out our phones and snap the painfully sweet weirdness.

Thankfully, Bright Side has done the legwork for you and collected 20 truly precious photos that are sure to make your day at least a little better.

1. “I told him not to get dirty while going outside to potty. This is his ’sorry mom, it was an accident’ face.”

2. “I think this is derp enough.”

3. “Internet, meet Obi. He tries to eat air.”

4. “Posing for her adoption photo”

5. This is the trademark goofy dog smile!

6. “My boy got neutered yesterday. The vet office took a photo for me after he woke up.”

7. “She’s wearing her crown.”

8. “She’s obsessed with nail files...only after they’ve been used.”

9. “One of my puppies bit my finger then pulled back and made this face for a solid 10 seconds. He’s my favorite.”

10. “Mine!!”

11. “Just walked in the door after work on my twenty-ninth birthday. Fiancé knows the key to my heart.”

12. “My mother’s new kitten definitely identifies as a smol derp...”

13. Only a few have mastered the art of derpiness with such grace.

14. “I almost totaled my truck trying to avoid this knucklehead! His name is Tank, and he fears nothing.”

15. When you’re your own hat:

16. “My friends adopted a new puppy. Don’t let the poker face fool you; he’s overjoyed.”

17. “This is my cat, Lorbus, eating a metal chair.”

18. “Say treatos and walkies!”

19. “Our cat, Pluto, loves his paper bag...”

20. Double layer of charming

Which one of these photos made you smile the most? Do you have any funny or derpy pics you’ve taken of your pet? We’re sure that everyone would love to see even more pictures like that!

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Preview photo credit alamperwira89 / reddit


I'm pretty sure after this fun adoption photo, this cat will get adopted 100% 😂✌

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