15+ “Geniuses” That Did Their Job With Tightly Closed Eyes

2 years ago

A pregnancy test showing not one, not 2, but 3 stripes, a clock that has been fixed by putting another clock on it, or a traffic light that shows both green and red signals — these are only a few examples of what may happen if people decide to lie down on the job. And while seeing the “masterpieces” that show up here and there, we can only stare at them, wondering what these creators had in mind.

Here at Bright Side, we found 19 examples of what may happen if laziness overcomes common sense, and the results may make you both laugh and cry, and sometimes you won’t be able to say anything except, “Why?”

1. “I am so confused.”

2. “Fixed the clock, boss!”

3. “Trained everyone up on the security system.”

4. “We fixed it.”

5. “Best manhole cover ever”

6. “The ‘not my job to think’ award goes to...”

7. “Ordered this $15 salad.”

8. “I mean, there may be a situation where this could save your life.”

9. “If you can’t fix it, make it work for you.”

10. “The whole side was barely attached. No worries though, it’s nothing 2 poorly positioned yellow straps can’t fix!”

11. “The keys on my new laptop are practically invisible because the manufacturer thought gray on silver was a great idea.”

12. “Why?”

13. “It’s been like this for years.”

14. " What is this even supposed to say?"

15. “Ah yes, the Stranger Things spinoff”

16. “This was my $15 dessert at a fancy restaurant: a tablespoon of ganache with a crouton on top.”

17. “Pay for the plus feature.”

18. “This motel has a sign that says ’sorry’ and nothing else.”

19. “This traffic light is showing solid red and green at the same time.”

What is a thing you’ve seen recently that was done in a way that made you laugh and scream, “Are you kidding?!”

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