15 Pics That Are Guaranteed to Play With Your Mind

2 years ago

Some things we face in life are so unusual that we can’t believe they are real. These objects trick both our minds and our eyes. And whatever it is — whether it be a glitch in the matrix or just a peculiar coincidence — it makes our lives a little more interesting.

We at Bright Side found 15 items we couldn’t believe could exist, and we want to share them with our readers.

1. “This sunset reflection looks like a demonic uprising.”

2. “The reflection of the light on my coffee looks like a glowing castle.”

3. Two-headed chicken.

4. “This material makes it look like the separators are transparent.”

5. “The shadow cast on this tree makes it look like it was burned black.”

6. “My dress shoe’s sole has worn out to make it look like it has an eye on the bottom of it.”

7. A floating TV remote

8. “My (handless) clock makes it look like the wall is buffering.”

9. “This storage building looks completely flat from this perspective.”

10. “This picture I took of 2 swans that looks like one swan with a smaller second head”

11. “The way sunlight hits this lamp in the afternoon makes it look like the lightbulb is on.”

12. “A reflection of ceiling lights in my coffee”

13. “This window filters out the exact wavelength of light that my gloves reflect.”

14. “Sparks bouncing down and around as I grind a hydraulic cylinder”

15. “This sleeping cat looks like a chicken wing.”

What unusual optical illusions have you faced? Did you manage to capture them?

Preview photo credit Eligiuss_ / Reddit


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