19 Tattoos Made With a Lot of Love and a Pinch of Ink

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Behind a tattoo, more than just ink or aesthetics, there is a great story. We would all like to keep the people, pets, or things we love the closest to us forever, and having a reminder of them on our skin can be the best way to do it. A small drawing on the body can be able to move us to tears.

Whether it’s a tribute to a loved one, a phrase that summarizes your way of looking at life, or simply a unique design that has been transformed into a work of art, the most interesting thing about tattoos is their meaning. And celebrities support this idea!

1. “My late Mother.”

2. “Stitched Surgical Scar”

3. “My wife”

4. “Scar cover-up, session one.”

5. “Memorial piece, our twin girls we lost.”

6. “Matching tatties with my wife.”

7. “Tribute to my dog.”

8. “Anorexia recovery tattoo.”

9. “My daughter’s drawing of Zelda’s fairy.”

10. “My grandpa’s sketch tattooed on my arm.”

11. “Memorial tattoo for my cat.”

12. “My 9th tattoo is a tribute to my two babies who were taken too soon.”

13. “My dad died 3 weeks ago... Got a portrait of me sleeping on his chest as a baby while he slept.”

14. “5 months in and I’m still in awe of it! Got it to celebrate the end of my cancer treatment.”

15. A good example of tattoos dedicated to kids.

16. “Hated this part of my body, but now...”

I am in no way trying to be mean, it is just that i think you should have a dr. look at that. I .am just concerned


17. “Just got a tattoo in honor of my 3-year-old German Shepherd who passed away.”

18. “I got it for my sister that passed away in September. Her middle name was Rose, her favorite color was yellow and she loved music.”

19. “My grandmother got lung cancer and had it off and on for 12 years.”

“Early on, she lost a lung and was on a wheelchair. She also fell completely in love with Zelda.”


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