20+ Acts of Stupidity People Actually Got Away With (New Pics)

3 years ago

Albert Einstein once said, ’’Only 2 things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the former." This is one of Einstein’s opinions that nobody could ever disagree with. Proof of this idea can be found everywhere around us, whether it’s with people we know or with total strangers.

Bright Side is here to show you a few unbreakable examples of Einstein’s idea and how it gets translated to real life.

1. Exactly what sitting comfortably means:

2. How else would you fix your air conditioner?

3. When you feel like playing with your life:

4. Putting on a ladder instead of a seat belt

5. Good luck to this person’s fellow drivers.

6. Shouldn’t the person taking this photo inform him?

7. When you’re driving on a frozen lake:

8. All these cooking shows taught her nothing.

9. Pumping air using the fire extinguisher

10. Just keep pushing. It will fit.

11. When you understand perfectly how an electrical rice cooker works:

12. Trying to get a better look at the eclipse

13. Look who’s feeling like Spider-Man!

14. These packages make people act carelessly.

15. This mom thinks she is charging her phone.

16. Trying to get rid of the Christmas tree out the window

17. So, that’s why she takes so long to curl her hair!

18. And people ask why there are so many accidents happening on the roads...

19. Do not do this if you don’t like your steak rare.

20. We hope no accident happened here.

21. Trying to impress the younger women at the beach

22. When professionals take their work seriously:

What was the greatest and possibly most dangerous act of stupidity you’ve ever witnessed? Please share your thoughts with us down in the comment section.


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