16 Tricky Pics That Made Us Scratch Our Head

year ago

Some things really have the ability to trick our eyes into seeing something that’s not there. Whether it’s an optical illusion or a simple angle from where we watch it, we definitely need to give a second look in order to understand reality.

We at Bright Side collected 16 cool and tricky pictures that will play games with your mind.

1. Look closely until you see the tire.

2. “My son, floating in a chair”

3. The shadow on the wall looks like an old man.

4. Those are not his legs, they’re rugs.

5. “Took this photo while on a train. The white jacket bears a resemblance.”

6. “There is a cottage made out of glass mirrors .”

7. “My cat defying physics to lick egg yolk off my plate”

8. It’s not a dragon poking from the Earth, but a log.

9. “My cat has 3 front paws, apparently.”

10. “This tree looks like an upside down person.”

11. “This cracked paint looks like elvish writing.”

12. “Only one more head needed until I have my very own Cerberus...”

13. “Does this corgi look huge to anyone else?”

14. “It took me a good 5 minutes to find her”

15. “A very hairy wedding dress”

Have you ever witnessed an optical illusion?

Preview photo credit VisDev82 / Reddit


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