15 People Who Were Utterly Betrayed by Shopping Ads

2 years ago

Saddening “expectation vs reality” comparisons will never go out of fashion, and understandably so — we’ve all been there. Wildly missized pieces of clothes bought online, scuffed food that looks nothing like an appetizing cover, and material that negates the entire purpose of the object — everyone has a story or 2 to share on these matters.

Bright Side compiled 15 photos of people who were betrayed by online shopping and what was stated on product packaging. But read all the way till the end of the article for an expectation that was actually met.

1. “Another warning of thinking it’s gonna look as cool as the advertisement. Go ahead, roast me.”

“I literally had to cut it off me with a pair of scissors!” © Jasonfrost3425 / reddit

2. “Still tastes good but looks like it’s come from someone’s tortured bowels.”

3. “I mean...it looks equally as bad as the picture on the box.”

4. “Creamy butterscotch drops...not so creamy.”

5. “The laptop stand I ordered vs the laptop ‘stand’ I got”

6. Not quite the same...

7. “Well, these ’fully dimmable’ lamps are a disappointment.”

8. “Warned my friend about buying online. Hope he learned his lesson.”

9. “Are you kidding me?”

10. “Not ordering from them again.”

11. “I bought an electric hobby drill for my plastic models, which turned out to be a plastic model itself.”

12. “What I ordered vs what I got”

13. “The tissues my mom bought weren’t cut.”

14. “I’ve never seen such false advertising before. Dog food in a tortilla anyone?”

15. “I think they forgot the pink.”

Bonus: “I didn’t have any expectations when I bought it, but somehow they were met.”

What are your most horrific shopping fiascos? Share your disappointments with us.


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Dinosaur swimming ring: what’s wrong? Did you expect the girl coming with it?


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