21 Animals Who Can Easily Shape This World With Their Purity

11 months ago

Animals are the best antidepressant. The human-animal bond can help reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness. When you feel lost or broken or your day goes wrong, hug your pet and your world will become filled with love.

1. “An 8.5-week-old pregnant mamma cat checking out what’s going on outside”

2. “There’s nothing like the soothing feeling of a wonderful furry baby.”

3. “My wife has been feeding the squirrels. Today they were looking for her. She told me this one is named Pearl.”

4. “When it’s too hot outside, the salesperson allows kittens to go into the store and sleep on the freezer.”

5. “My old boy watching me head off to work”

6. “Put your shoes back on, please.”

7. “The gang is eagerly awaiting dinnertime.”

8. “I caught my cat sunbathing today.”

9. “A newborn screech owl”

10. “This is what a newborn corgi paw looks like.”

11. “He went full derp with his stuffie.”

12. “I never knew this was how my cat pooped until today, and I am dying.”

“Sorry for the potato quality, he’s a rescue, and he’s super skittish, so I had to zoom in all the way while hiding.”

13. “A shop dog at my mechanic waiting for his turn to be seen by reception”

14. “Pickles likes tuna more than the raccoons, apparently.”

15. “7 weeks vs 15 weeks”

16. “This is my mom’s dog, Dixie. She is exactly as smart as she looks.”

17. “My cat carries his toy with him all over the house. I just went out to the kitchen and saw this.”

“Apparently, he thought it was hungry too.”

18. “We adopted him 3 days ago. The derp is strong in this one.”

19. “I taught Chloe to stand on my wheelchair’s foot rests, now all she wants to do is give me kisses.”

20. “Almost every morning, my puppy likes to grab a toy and take it to go potty. It’s the cutest thing ever!”

21. “Hewo fwend”

Do you have a pet? What type of personality does it have?


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