17 Photos That Perfectly Combine “Wow!” but “Why?” Emotions

2 years ago

Imagination is awesome and is exclusively a human ability. And in most cases it is purposeful, leading to creations that are either functional or aesthetic. However, in rare situations, some people would dare to think outside the box, only to leave the rest of us perplexed and wondering. After all, life would be so dull without elements of surprise in it, and these creations are the answer to spice up our ordinary days.

We at Bright Side have managed to handpick some of the most confusing creations that will give you the urge to meet their designers for the sole purpose of asking them “... But why?”

1. “Blue jeans vespa”

2. “My past co-worker’s chicken purse”

3. “Catch and release: froggy phone”

4. “First time encounter with this sweet treat. But why?”

5. “This chair is made of wood.”

6. “A collection of rubber duckies on the dashboard of a car”

7. “This bird house is a miniature version of the human house.”

8. “Teddy bear with a cast and crutches found at antique store.”

9. “Make your own construction vehicles — with crochet.”

10. “My thick glasses lenses look like ice cubes.”

11. “These Parisian stools have uneven legs.”

12. “This burger was made to look like a Lego brick.”

13. “This car’s rear wiper”

14. “This Coke bottle I got in France about ten years ago...”

15. “This mask I found at an antique store”

16. Toilet fishing

17. “Oversized band-aid on this dented car in the parking garage at work.”

Do you think that the power to leave the viewer wondering can be considered art? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit Great-Editor-7043/Reddit


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