15 Times Expecting Mothers Showed a Funny Side of Being Pregnant

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2 years ago

While it is true that pregnancy is a miracle and can give you that special glow, it is also incredibly challenging. Growing a baby changes your body, affects your brain, and makes you have the weirdest cravings. 15 women featured in this article definitely know what pregnancy struggles mean, but they never miss an opportunity to have a good laugh.

Here at Bright Side, we gathered hilarious pictures shared by pregnant women that are guaranteed to give you a good chuckle.

1. “This is how I chose to announce my pregnancy.”

2. “I’m 6-months pregnant and went as Fat Thor this Halloween.”

3. “We decided my wife’s pregnant belly needed some flair.”

4. “I’m pregnant and I have to idea how I’ll get into my car.”

5. “Pregnancy massage table. Amazing invention, but can’t stop laughing.”

6. “Was looking everywhere for my phone. Gave up and brought a new one. 2 days later...”

7. “Thinking of dressing our twin boys in these side by side.”

8. “Yes, I went into a cinema for this, and only this.”

9. “Before pregnancy vs today at 37 weeks!”

10. “This is my third breakfast.”

11. “Buying nursing clothes”

12. “This potato looks like me!”

13. “A perfect pregnancy snack.”

14. “This is how I announced to my colleagues that I was pregnant.”

15. “We went to the amusement park today. I’m pregnant, and enjoyed this ride the most.”

Which of these pictures made you laugh the most? Do you have any funny pregnancy story you’d like to share with other Bright Siders?

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