10+ Curious Pictures People Intended to Keep Secret

5 months ago

We all have that one embarrassing photo that we hoped would never see the light of day. Let’s face it, some of our funniest memories are the ones that we thought were better left hidden. If your family albums don’t contain some comical snaps, chances are high that you haven’t looked hard enough for them. They can be the perfect reminder of how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown.

Join us as we dig through some people’s best-kept secrets for a good laugh.

“My sister and me riding ’horses,’ Halloween, 1993”

“It was the ’70s. Disco was king and I was its satiny, sequined queen!”

“My uncle being embarrassed by me trying to sip some soda in public”

“My parents used to tell my only brother and me that we used to have another brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking a bath.”

“They even added him to the family albums.”

“My neighbors got a new car and I thought it was a Ferrari, so I got my little brother to take a picture of me posing in front of it.”

“For years I told people that my neighbors growing up had a Ferrari. Just found the pic in an old album at my grandma’s and yeah, that’s a Dodge Neon.”

“2007: I was learning how to use Photoshop and I thought I looked so cool.”

“I thought it’d be cool for my aunt to take a picture of me while wearing the fake eyeballs from my magic kit.”

“In 1998-ish, I gathered enough pop-can tabs and my grandfather helped make a shirt out of them.”

“My mom’s kindergarten picture, 1969. My grandma was doing hairdresser courses and loved to practice her bouffant skills on her 4 daughters.”

“Me, circa 1998 or 1999”

“My mom found a couple of photos while cleaning today — junior year, 2002.”

“I had to bribe the school photographer to let me do this my senior year.”

“Was going through some old family photos when I found this.”

“By far my favorite family photo of me and my brothers”

“14 years ago — I couldn’t play guitar, in my grandma’s living room.”

“I made a huge mistake with this face swap of my wife and son.”

Preview photo credit cyclopath / Reddit, t3rces / Reddit


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