28 Photos That Will Put a Smile on Your Face Even If You’re Having a Bad Day

11 months ago

Sometimes even a tiny little thing can become a bright silver lining on a cloudy day. An act of kindness from a stranger, some friendly support, a kind joke, or a sincere laugh.

"When you ask Bill Murray to autograph your forehead."

Every year, this man buys a lot of toys and dresses up as Santa to deliver them to every child in the hospital. What a great hobby!

These 2 prove that true love exists.

Just a cat viewed from below!

Someone really likes his new hamster bed.

"My roommate FaceTimes his little sister every week to help her with algebra."

"Trying to eat mozzarella sticks. It’s not for everyone."

It only takes a couple of apples to make this deer happy.

“My 78-year-old grandmother at Disney for her birthday.”

"My daughter volunteering at our local shelter, helping feed the puppies."

You don’t have to be fluffy to be cute.

"I was never jealous of kids these days and the awesome cakes they get for their birthdays. But let me tell you, at 32, I truly understand the joy of receiving one of those awesome cakes."

The best ghosts in the world. Scary and cute.

We say, "The smaller, the cuter!"

Sometimes even strangers can make you happy if they truly care.

When a fluffy trio shows up looking super cute:

"My neighbor’s new puppy couldn’t be found...until we looked in the playroom."

Those paws are extremely adorable!

"The first tree kangaroo born in 36 years in Australia. Look at the mommy’s proud face!"

This beauty salon gives a free class for dads to learn how to do hair and nails for their daughters. The salon encourages dads to better connect with their girls.

"Onward, noble steed!"

"The Oregon Zoo staff took the elephant around the zoo, and she liked the sea lions the best!"

"I had to babysit my daughter’s kitten, and she requested proof that he was okay. So I sent her this."

"Wherever I fit..."

If you don’t feed the ducks, they have to go grocery shopping.

This photo taken inside a donut shop is better than any advertisement.

"This lady stopped traffic to walk a mama duck and her baby ducks across 3 lanes of traffic."

How to block your cat from going upstairs:

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit AskJ33ves/redddit


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