18 Situations That Every Cat Fan is Familiar With

3 years ago

Everyone that owns a cat definitely knows that there is never a dull moment when they’re around. Every cat has its own temperament and way of thinking that we, as humans, don’t fully understand. All cats take their owner’s seats, beg for their food, and get into things they shouldn’t.

We at Bright Side are sure that people’s lives become much more fun when they get a cat, so here’s a compilation of photos that prove this.

“Apparently I’m not allowed to pee alone.”

“For 5 months, my cat wouldn’t even look at his house. Now, the entrance is facing the ceiling and he loves it!”

Reaction to my vacuum cleaner

Open and shut case

“I just tried to hold my husband’s hand and my cat was not pleased about it.”

“My cat hit me with a, ’We need to talk’ expression.”

“One morning I saw this...”

9 cats in one

“He won’t let me grow any onions.”

“When you wake up a guy that didn’t let you sleep half of the night.”

Absolutely zero shame

It must be so comfortable...

“Saw this face in Egypt.”

“Had to make a snuggle sling for my kitty since she kept jumping on the keyboard and distracting me from my paper writing.”

He somehow fits perfectly in there

“My cat is watching us eat with a sad face. He ignores all of his food but he wants my broccoli. I gave him a piece and now he wants more.”

“We bought a new stove and our cat decided it was his new bed, so he’s there all the time now.”

“My cat spilled soda on the table and got stuck to it with his bottom...”

What funny things have your cats done?

Preview photo credit sashalu_ / twitter


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I love how this cat that breaks the puzzle looks so surprised, like as if he actually got caught


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