28 Animals That Know How to Survive Hot Summer Days

4 years ago

When summer comes, people start complaining about the heat. But they can use air conditioners and electric fans. What are animals supposed to do? It turns out that our pets are real specialists when it comes to searching for cool places in the heat. We can find them inside refrigerators, on pool rafts, and so on. Their ingenuity is just boundless!

Bright Side has decided to find out who gets the award for best heat fighter.

28. Chilling chicks be like:

27. When you’re finally on vacation and don’t want anyone to disturb you:

26. It’s too hot to care about whether you fit or not.

25. Don’t miss your spot at the beach.

24. Who said the lake was only for boats?

23. These pigs know what to do during hot days. Hot days in the Bahamas are great!

22. When it’s extremely hot, visit the spa.

21. Why don’t people live in fridges? Everything they need is in there.

20. When you finally agree that people can be useful:

19. A fashionable tent

18. True summer gourmands

17. “Why have we stopped splashing in the cold water?”

16. When everyone hides but you just want to find the best angle:

15. They do exist!

14. What are you doing now?

13. “Please, don’t stop.”

12. “You leave me no choice.”

11. This dog doesn’t need any sunscreen.

10. In summer, a moose cares only about finding a pond. Its size and color don’t matter.

9. A wet towel is your own way to heaven.

8. A workshop on how not to lose a single water drop

7. “You can do whatever you want. Just don’t turn this thing off.”

6. “Thanks to my dad’s Spanish roots, we have siestas.”

5. When you invite your friend to swim together but don’t tell them about all your plans:

4. When your mom buys you the most beautiful hat:

3. “Air conditioners are for the privileged. You can watch though.”

2. Always stay near water...or a sink.

1. The first day of your vacation!

How do your pets deal with hot days? Share your thoughts and pictures with us in the comments.


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